October 11th - 13th, 2019

🎰 The D Las Vegas | Golden Gate Casino 🎲


2019 Booster Packages

“The Slots Templar” “The Elders of Fremont”
Priority Admission at The Main Event Priority Admission at The Main Event
Vegas Nerd Society Membership Card Vegas Nerd Society Membership Card
The Summit 2019 Event Laminate The Summit 2019 Event Laminate
The Summit 2019 Super Special Limited Cool Stuff The Summit 2019 Super Special Limited Cool Stuff
  Participation in 'Buried In the Desert' (Sunday)
  Exclusive Champagne Toast Mini-Event
$60 $100
Join Now Join Now


Booster Program FAQ


What is a booster?

Boosters support the event by purchasing one of two packages. They include priority admission to the Main Event (as long as you are there at the prescribed time, you have a guaranteed seat) as well as additional schwag that's exclusive to being a booster. Boosters help make the event possible.

How does seating work?

Boosters will be allowed into the theater before anyone else. So if you are a booster, you can come in and pick whatever seat you want with ease. Since we expect the event to be popular, it's important that boosters arrive on-time for the event. The seats are not pre-assigned.

Do I need to be a booster to attend The Summit?

No, though boosters get priority entry. At past events, the showroom has been completely filled to capacity. If you know you want to come, being a booster is the best way to be sure you have a spot, though you still need to arrive on time.

You have membership cards?

Yes, we'll be issuing numbered membership cards in the Vegas Nerd Society and for now, this is the only way to get one. Cards will be numbered starting with 'Elders' and in order of purchase. Numbers will not reset in later years. If you want a low numbered card, this is your chance.

What do you use the proceeds for?

Primarily for production costs and for purchasing the booster benefits and prize stuff. A portion also goes to the performers.

Buried In the Desert? Huh?

Would you like to win prizes with nothing but your wits and a shovel? Well, this is the event for you. We're keeping most of the details under wraps but this is for real and the prizes are too!

When is the 'Champagne Toast'?

For 'Elders of Fremont' level boosters, we'll have a special event on Saturday afternoon. More details TBA.

There are two of us. Will one ticket cover us both?

You need one booster purchase per person.

How many booster seats can I purchase?

Maximum of four per person.

Can I get a refund?

See the terms below - yes, under certain conditions, for a limited time. I have to start ordering stuff fairly soon to have it in time so refunds are limited.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes. See the below for more information on the process.



Terms and Conditions


Onsite Pickup

I'll send you an email before the event with information on picking up your on-site materials. Please be sure to bring your ticket and a photo ID - materials can only be picked up by the purchaser unless other arrangements are made in advance.


Refunds (less credit card fees) are available until July 31st, 2019 at 11:59pm PT. After that time, I will do my best to refund any unused portion of your purchase but the refund cannot be guaranteed.


You can transfer your booster benefits to a single person as long as you notify me by October 1st, 2019 @ 11:59pm PT. After that time, I cannot guarantee to be able to transfer your benefits.


If you do something that gets you ejected from any of the events, the partner venues (DLVEC and others), or the host hotels (The D Las Vegas, Golden Gate Las Vegas), you forfeit any subsequent benefits that would have resulted from your purchase. Ejection from Summit events is at the sole discretion of Vegas Nerd Society management or hotel staff.


I don't keep your credit card info (I actually never have it, it only goes to process the card) and will only use your email address to contact you with info about the event.


In the event that The Summit is cancelled, boosters will receive a full refund of their purchase (less credit card fees.)


Event organizers reserve the right adjust, enhance or change package benefits without notice. Every effort will be made to enhance purchased benefit value.


You agree to hold harmless Vegas Media Group, Hanchor LLC and the host hotels (The D Las Vegas, Golden Gate Las Vegas) and their employees.


In the event of litigation, damages shall be capped at the amount paid for your benefits.

By purchasing benefits, you agree to these terms and conditions.